About Us

About W.H. Thomas OilW.H. Thomas Oil was started in 1956 by William Howard Thomas, in a small town called Clanton, AL. This is still the home of our bulk facility today. Being in Clanton allows us to service the central and south region of the state very easily. Mr. Thomas was a small town business man that was well liked and well respected among the community. Throughout the years there have been many people Mr. Thomas has made an impact on. Whether it was making an “emergency delivery” for a customer that needed oil in the middle of the night, or sponsoring a little league baseball team.

W.H. Thomas oil, or what it is usually referred to as Thomas Oil Co., continues to carry on that family owned business mentality. Now owned and operated by Mr. Thomas’ 2 sons, Bil and Howard Thomas. Both began with Thomas oil working in the warehouse,  learning about the products and what it takes to run a business. Now after 15 years of running the company, it has grown and become one of the Premier “First Source” Chevron marketers in the state of Alabama. Thomas Oil has earned their business by having EXCELLENT customer service and making sure EVERY customer is taken care of promptly! Even now when you call to place an order or ask a question,  you are usually speaking with one of the owners (Bill or Howard). Our customers know that they’re important to the Thomas Boys and if it can be done they will make it happen! It’s that type of mentality that has grown this company and allowed us to open another facility in Decatur, Alabama.

We have a total of 3 box trucks, 3 transports, and 6 tank wagons. We store a total of 136,000 in our Bulk storage facility and 80,000 gal in our warehouse of package goods. We sell anything from truck shop products (oil, grease, def, truck care products) to mineral spirits and fuel (on and off road diesel, gas). We can service any size customer, whether they need a case of motor oil or 3 transport loads of fuel/oil a day! You will not be disappointed in our customer service and product quality! Thank you for visiting our site and we look forward to welcoming you into the Thomas Oil Family!